A discussion of korns music message and material

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A discussion of korns music message and material

No, you can not say that this will be a nu-metal album. As for the big chunks of information that I removed, that was either irrelevant or badly sourced.

Most of it was badly sourced. Stuff like how the "Background" section was mostly just written about the separate members solo projects was irrelevant.

Also, there was a piece of information about how Korn Kovers might finally be released. First of all, here are some of the guidelines about reliable sources: However, is it a published source with a reputation for fact checking and accuracy?

Same goes for the MySpace Blogs post: If you look, blogs. Is the External links section warranted? I have seen many Featured articles without the External links section. When posting some of those links, you have got to ask yourself: Very few pages have an External links section that I have seenand there is a reason for that: That was a mouthful.

First off the solo projects need to be mentioned int the background section, simply stating that they took a 10 month break is in my opinon not enough. The reason to why they took the break and what they did during that time is part of the time leading up to the recording of the album an thereby the should be mentioned in the background section.

However going in to great detail about them mignt not be necesarry As far as genres go, many things indicate a nu-metal sound, however it can wait until more info and sources are available. As far as Youtube being an uncertain source, I would partily agree.

There is alot that cant be trusted on the tube however in my opinon sources should be evalueated individually, not disregarded just because an interview was posted on Youtube. The recording of Life Is Peachy is an event that preceded the recording of this album, but should we go that far back, and be that irrelevant?

That was a bit extreme of an example, but the point is that there should definitely be a limit, and I believe the solo projects exceed that limit.

Maybe when the article grows bigger we can elaborate more, but for now we want to flesh out the scant information that we do have, instead of using the solo album type of information as filler.

As far as genres go, I do agree with your rendition. They said that they are going "old school" and old school for Korn is more nu-metal-ish. However, the band themselves denies even being nu metal.Korn Message or Outrage In discussing the judgement of today's rock bands, it seems as though they need to earn respect first, then do what they please.

Earning respect first may sound fair but some bands are possibly doing the opposite on purpose to be more appealing to the younger generat.

OLIVIER MESSIAEN: Music and Color, a book-length interview conducted by Claude Samuel, is the closest thing we have to an autobiography of the late French composer of deeply religious music.

Samuel, a friend of the composer for three decades, set down with Messiaen in to discuss his career, philosophy, musical techniques, travels, and 5/5(4).

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A Discussion of Korn's Music Message and Material PAGES 1. WORDS View Full Essay. More essays like this: teen suicide and narcotic abuse, korn's music message, korn, family values tour. Not sure what I'd do without @Kibin - Alfredo Alvarez, student @ Miami University.

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Korn Makes New Single, "Get Up," Available For Streaming

Oct 19,  · Re: Korns remake of the song \"The Wall\" I hate it when these so called bands do covers of others Music because they cannot come up with their own Material. Usually sound like sh!t too . Apr 14,  · A lot of the newer/alternitive music is much better on the recording side of things.

Bands like Creed, Staind, Puddle of mud, Korns new one was actually recorded in . David Randall Silveria (born September 21, ) is an American drummer, best known as the drummer for the band Korn from until leaving the band in He then became the drummer for INFINIKA, which was formed in , but disbanded in Labels: Elementree, EMI, Virgin.

A discussion of korns music message and material
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