Al jazeera pest analysis

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Al jazeera pest analysis

More Essay Examples on Marketing Rubric It has since become their most successful channel in their portfolio, available in million homes compared to just 50 Al jazeera pest analysis homes that the Arabic version is available in.

They continued their expansion in with the Al Jazeera documentary channel, showing Arabic documentaries.

Al jazeera pest analysis

Although he Middle East is made up of several different countries with differing cultures, there are similarities linking them, which have led to the growing success of Al Jazeera.

The Middle East in general has a very large under 25 population. As well as this, fast rising GDPs in this area during this time led to the forming of a very large middle class. This it the main way people in the area get access to web content. This results in the success of written media like newspapers being very low with most people preferring to get access to news through the television.

This in turn has led to Al Jazeera Arabic being banned in every country in the Middle East at one time or another apart from Israel. Since its inception one constant has been that Al Jazeera has always been considered a reliable source of news.

The major reason Al Jazeera found so much success had a lot to do with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan which bean shortly after its inception. It was the news channel, which had access to all the videos being put out by Osama Bin Laden.

Something which up until recently was unheard of.


The other major strength is funding, having the Qatari Royal family behind them means there is almost no limit to the amount that can be invested in expansion as can be seen from how quickly the company grew over its first 15 years of activity.

Weaknesses — The major weaknesses of Al Jazeera are a backlash from its strengths. Although perceived by most as not being afraid to show the truth. It is views like this, which are held by many Americans that could potentially harm its attempts to crack the US market with its English channel.

The other main one in this case is the name, in the west especially there is still some hostility to anything sounds or looks Muslim as it often is automatically linked with terrorism. Opportunities — There are two big opportunities for the company moving forward. The first is to crack the US market, which until now has been troublesome.

There has been no major cable network willing to take on Al Jazeera due to its reputation for controversy.

The company views Canada as the best way for them to enter the market as on the whole it is considered a more liberal thinking country.

It is imperative that Al Jazeera keeps up with the times and follows suit. Al Arabiya is Saudi based and considered to be more moderate than Al Jazeera, since its inception in it has managed to gain a good market share.

Al Hurra was created by the Bush administration with a view to directly compete with AL Jazeera and counter its reporting on the Iraq war. It is yet to gain any real success in the market. More recently the BBC has launched an Arabic channel and this could prove to be the biggest competition moving forward.

As for the English Channel there is a lot fiercer conversation. Away from possibly a bigger threat is the rise in internet based new, something which was not an issue back in It will however take time for them to be regarded as a trustworthy reliable news channel but once this is established it is easy for them to become a threat to a company like Al Jazeera.

A downside to Al Jazeera being the first independent news channel in the Middle East is tat they have trodden the path first meaning it will now be easier for new companies to enter the market with a similar product whilst encountering less problems.

However as the number of competitors has increased, their hold on the market has decreased. They have built a reputation of honesty and with that controversy; Viewers are willing to watch the channel for this controversy.

Al Jazeera still receives large amounts of funding from Qatar, meaning they do not require as much advertising to help funding.The aforementioned factors are the crux of the analysis done for the brand.

Therefore, it is always a good strategy to consider these factors while determining the policies for the company. In the same way, the future policies of the company could also be made as per the contemporary trends.

Jul 09,  · With the collapse of Al Jazeera America, there may be a case for RT America as a purveyor of progressive, alternative journalism. News, opinion and video about politics from Al Jazeera America. News, opinion and video about politics from Al Jazeera America Visit Al Jazeera English.

Al Jazeera English Analysis: By capping damages, Amtrak 'reform' hobbles judges' ability to compensate victims of mass railway accidents. Topics: U.S. Congress. Transcript of A PEST analysis of external factors that affect the airline industry Statement of purpose: to examine the effect of external business factors on commercial airlines using a PEST analysis.

Al Jazeera is currently running “Demand Al Jazeera” campaign through social media (Facebook and Twitter) and a dedicated website (See Exhibit 3) to persuade media gatekeepers in the United States.

The Israeli army says the air attacks and shelling it is carrying out on Gaza are in response to about rockets fired from Gaza into Israel.

Hamas says its rockets were in retaliation for the deaths of the seven Palestinians killed during an incursion.

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