Ban on plastic bag essay

Today when we go shopping, we will see a lot of people carrying their shopping bags made of plastic. Plastic bags are really convenient for all of us to carry things we have bought. In contrast, there are many disadvantages of using plastic bags. If you know that plastic bags have negative impacts for our environment, I am sure that reducing the use of plastic bags will be happened soon.

Ban on plastic bag essay

Long and Short Essay on Plastic Bag in English

Cambodia[ edit ] Cambodia passed the legislation to impose a plastic bag tax in October Supermarkets now are charging customers Riels 10 US cents per plastic bag should they need one. This came into effect because of the problems with sewerage and general waste. However, first hand accounts clearly indicate, the ban has seen limited success, and that the use of plastic bags remains prevalent.

Street vendors and smaller stores, which make up a significant portion of retail in China, do not abide by the policy in part due to difficulties of enforcing the ban. The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change has also passed regulation to ban all polythene bags less than 50 microns on 18 March InSikkim, India's first fully organic state, [64] banned the use of not only packaged drinking water bottles in any government meetings or functions but also food containers made from polystyrene foam all over the state.

The Karnataka state became first state to ban all forms of plastic carry bags, plastic banners, plastic buntings, flex, plastic flags, plastic plates, plastic cups, plastic spoons, cling films and plastic sheets for spreading on dining tables irrespective of thickness including the above items made of thermacol and plastic which uses plastic micro beads.

And money which came from tax are used by retailers as public funds for waste management alongside non-governmental organizations.

Ban on plastic bag essay

The tax revenues will be used to fund public waste-management programs.Plastic Bag Ban Essay – response to pp in the College Board’s The Official SAT Study Guide The chapter from the Study Guide can be found at. Essay on How Plastic Bag is Harmful to Health and Environment – Essay 2 ( words) Introduction.

Plastic bags are preferred over other kinds of bags as these are economical, light and easy to carry. PLASTIC BAGS Introduction One of the most commonly used items in modern generation is the plastic bag.

Sufficient, convenient, strong and cheap, plastic bags are seem to be perfect for marketing merchandise, foods, drinks and more. Free Essays on Essay On Ban On Plastic Bags. Get help with your writing.

1 through Plastic Bags Essay Although there are no laws on plastic bag consumption in Queensland, 83% of Australians support the ban of plastic bags (Commonwealth of Australia ). However, an absolute ban on plastic bags is an ineffective solution to reducing pollution from the bags.

Ban on plastic bag essay

Rather than entirely eliminating their use, plastic bag. Check Out Our Plastic Bags Essay. Over the years, debate has been raging on whether to ban the use of plastic bags.

Plastic Bags Essay issue of reducing the use time we use a new plastic bag they go and get more petroleum from the Middle East and bring it over in tankers,". "We are extracting and destroying the Earth to use a plastic bag for 10 minutes.". A complete ban on plastic paper bag may, however, be difficult to impose although it is estimated that this would result in between a 93% and 96% reduction in the reported environmental impacts. The goal should, therefore, be a step-by-step transition from the use of plastic bags to reusable bags so as to limit the eventual economic impact of. Proposition 67 passed with 52 percent of the vote, meaning the plastic bag ban approved by the Legislature remains the law. A detailed summary of the law can be found below. Voters also rejected a second measure, Proposition 65, which proposed to create an environmental fund with proceeds from a cent charge for alternative bags.

People opposed to the ban argue that the perfect remedy would be to educate people on proper plastic bags disposal. Another way of alleviating the plastic bag program is through the adoption of other forms of more eco.

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