Drexel lebow camp business plan

Nanotechnology Business is Big at Drexel Published on Thursday December 16, Nanotechnology is the fastest growing field of technology, promising to become a major driving force in the world economy within a decade. The success of this field will be determined by the rate of transition from basic research at the nanoscale one nanometer is one billionth of a meter to the commercialization of useful nanostructured materials. These materials and nanoscale devices can have a higher energy efficiency and perform functions that cannot be achieved by current technologies. Nanotechnology is expected to solve many energy, environmental, and medical problems that humankind is currently facing.

Drexel lebow camp business plan

LeBow Hall last Friday, 20 Philadelphia middle-schoolers did their best impression of college students. The apps ranged from potentially life-changing one group pitched Restaurant Alert, which would keep those with medical conditions or allergies safe while eating out to almost certainly life-changing two addressed phone storage and another offered customizable emojis.

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Each group of three or four campers had support from their BRIDGE mentors, and each one was beaming when they finished their presentations. They may be several years away from college life, but their first taste was a success. Camp BRIDGE, which met each morning for two weeks beginning July 31 and was funded by TD Bank, aimed to open children from the neighboring communities up to the college experience, and to improve their skills in areas such as self-efficacy, critical thinking, creativity and motivation.

Their favorite spot at Drexel? The Urban Eatery, of course. In one class focused on self-worth, the students made word collages that described who they are and who they want to be.

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He dropped by the camp in between working on research. It turned out to be well worth the time, he said. One felt less shy and another felt stronger. One had learned how to spend money wisely, and another now knew that independence is key to staying out of trouble.LeBow College of Business integrates Drexel University's technological prominence with experience-based education to develop world-class leaders and advance knowledge through research/5(95).

The World Demands Entrepreneurs. Today's global workforce demands initiative, independence, and innovation. The Close School has pioneered an approach to education that addresses this need by teaching students to be entrepreneurial thinkers and doers, preparing them to meet the world market on solid footing and to create their own .

Visit the LeBow College of Business website for Application Requirements and Deadlines.

drexel lebow camp business plan

Jun 29,  · I am currently looking to transfer to a business school in the Philadelphia area and was wondering if I could get some opinions on the following schools: Drexel's LeBow College of Business and Temple's Fox School of Business. Despite middle-school students being a new age group for LeBow’s staff to work with, the camp was a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

The LeBow students and staff are hoping the camp continues next summer and . The BRIDGE program in the LeBow College of Business brought 20 local middle-school students to campus for two weeks to develop critical thinking, creativity and self-efficacy, all while building mentoring relationships with college counterparts.

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