Existentialism essay introduction

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Existentialism essay introduction

Existentialist thought was introduced through literary works written by such masters as Sartre, Camus and Dostoevsky Wingo, Jean-Paul Sartre stated that "the human project…is to create by free choice a life that is noble and beautiful self-construction" Gutek,p.

The founders of existentialism made little reference to education and the role of the teacher, the learner, the environment or the curriculum. However, much can be gleaned from the original words of existentialist thinkers that can apply to the state of an existentialist education.

Existentialism essay introduction

We make ourselves, we create our essence; this expression encompasses the major theory behind the existentialist philosophy.

Its popularity was greatest in the 20th century, particularly during and after World War II. Several existentialist philosophers have impacted the thinking that supports the tenets of this philosophy.

There is some question as to whether existentialism can really be called a philosophy because it lacks the systematic school of thought that other philosophies such as Idealism, Realism, or Pragmatism possess. However, there are common traits that encompass what many great thinkers perceive to be a philosophy that emphasizes the freedom of human beings Noddings, Its major principle is that existence precedes essence.

To existentialists, the world is … an indifferent phenomenon, which, while it may not be antagonistic to human purposes, is nonetheless devoid of personal meaning… in this world, each person is born, lives, chooses his or her course and creates the meaning of his or her own existence Gutek,p.

Connecting Elements of Existential Thought Existentialism is best illustrated by the common elements of thought attributed to existentialist thinkers. One is the thought that we are free from all external elements. Although we have a past, this past does not factor into the present moment of our life.

Another connection is the concept of responsibility.

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As Noddings suggests, one cannot "give away [his or her] freedom" to outside agents such as "the state, to parents, to teachers, to weaknesses, to the past, and to environmental conditions" p.

Of importance to the existentialist is the common message that "every truth and every action implies a human setting and a human subjectivity" Noddings,p. While we know that there is a world full of reality, to the existentialist, this reality only becomes such when one is a basic part of it.

Noddings relates the example of the perception of two people listening to a speech: According to existentialists, one must rely upon oneself and a relationship to those around him or her. One must possess a self-realization that one must relate to others, as he or she "lives out [his or her] life span in an adamant universe" Nodding,p.

One is "thrown into the universe in which there is no fixed course of action, nor final structure of meaning" McLemee,p. Even though one is part of an adamant universe, one becomes the subject of his or her own life, a unique and idiosyncratic being.

Nodding explains a basic concept of existentialism, that "people are not thrown into the world with a nature…only by planning, reflecting, choosing and acting, people can make themselves" p.Existentialism in Night In his essay “Existentialism”, Jean Paul Sartre discusses the main beliefs of existentialism.

Perhaps the most important belief of existentialism is . Victorianism and Existentialism Essay following the Great Depression and World War II” (AllAboutPhilosophy).

During that time, many of the works and writings about existentialism were done by “Kierkegaard, a religious philosopher, Nietzsche, an anti-Christian, Sartre, an atheist and Camus an atheist” (AllAboutPhilosophy). Get Your FixGrammarly scans your text for common and complex grammatical mistakes, Detect plagiarism · Write anywhere · Eliminate grammar errors · Easily improve any text.

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Existentialism essay introduction

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Existentialism: A Brief Introduction Existentialism is a philosophical thought that became popular and reached its pinnacle after the world war 2nd “commonly associated with Left-Bank Parisian cafes and the ‘family’ of philosophers Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir who gathered there in the years immediately following the liberation of Paris at the end of World War II.” (Existentialism: A Very Short .

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