Google human resource strategy essay

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Google human resource strategy essay

Strategic Human Resource Management Abstract Strategic human resource management SHRM has emerged as a significant issue in tandem with the increasing focus being given by the companies to strategy.

Faced with an accelerating changing and unsteady environment, the response of the corporation has been to attempt to create a sound internal configuration that includes human resource management HRM systems.

The key to providing an effective response is to have an HRM system attuned to strategic requirements. The philosophical and academic bases for SHRM, proposed during the past three decades, have followed differing paths. This project attempts to bring together the differing approaches to SHRM and presents a consolidation and evaluation of these viewpoints.

A discussion highlights the problem of semantics and pinpoints the controversies and contradictions implicit in the different viewpoints. This project underscores the emerging area of agreement viz.

Definition Strategic Human Resource Management is essential to every firm and organization to define its plans and strategies on how the company vision and goals should be aligned and attained through people.

It is founded on the following propositions: Goals of Strategic HRM The foundation for strategic HRM is the real advantage of having an agreed basis for developing methodologies to people management in the longer term, and this is how a company can achieve a competitive advantage.

The goal of strategic HRM is to create special capabilities by ensuring that the firm has what it needed from highly professional, skilled, devoted and motivated employees to create and sustain a competitive advantage in the market.


It is aimed to provide direction and guidance for individuals, in a turbulent business environment, by implementing various HR programs and policies. Also when it comes to strategic HRM, it is essential to take into consideration the interest and benefits of all the stakeholders in the firm, so in addition to the employees, the management and owners of the organization are also key individuals to consider in any strategy before implementing it.

There are two types of strategic HRM: The hard strategic HRM on the other hand, take into account before any strategic decision or even a policy implementation, the profit that the business will get in return of investing in human resources.

So any organization rallying its team to achieve its goals and is following an effective strategy to reach its vision, should obtain and retains its skilled resources by using more often the concept of soft strategic HRM.

However the hard concept comes first in many firms and could not be considered wrong depending on the business and its circumstances but it has been noticed that effective strategic HRM should combine the hard and soft elements to accomplish a proper balance for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Different environment, vision, mission, and objectives require different types of strategies and in order to frame and implement these, appropriate type of HRM strategies are required. This resulted in their popular classification of organizations as defenders, prospectors, and analyzers depending on their strategic behavior and supporting characteristics.

These authors attempt to relate the elements in the HRM system across these three types of organizations. With regard to HRM system, the basic strategy of the defenders, according to them, could be to build human resource, of prospectors could be to acquire human resource, and of analyzers to allocate human resource.

Taking the case of performance appraisal, defenders and analyzers could be process-oriented meaning thereby that they could evaluate performance based on critical incidents and production targets while prospectors could be result-oriented by evaluating performance on profit targets.

Tackling the important question of compensation, defenders could determine it based on the position of a person in the organizational hierarchy, prospectors on performance, and analyzers on a mix of hierarchy and performance popularly referred to as merit-cum-performance basis.

Strategy-focused Approach Several authors e. According to them, HRM is strategy focused and contains certain elements. This means that HRM by its very nature is strategic. The elements of HRM such as recruitment and selection or compensation do not strictly operate in isolation but are derivatives of the requirements of the strategy that an organization employs.

Strategic planning dictates HRM planning. Though desirable and idealistic, this view does not seem to be fully acceptable by the thinkers.

There is a feeling that HR planning is to some extent strategic but not in all its aspects. So the HR strategy should be a derivative of the whole organization strategy and aligned with it, it is an integral part of the business strategy.The Purdue University Online Writing Lab serves writers from around the world and the Purdue University Writing Lab helps writers on Purdue's campus.

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Google human resource strategy essay

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Featured. McKinsey Global Institute Our mission is to help leaders in multiple sectors develop a deeper understanding of the global economy. Google: Human Resource Strategy HR Strategy Paper Abstract Developing an effective human resource strategy to manage an organization’s human assets requires considering employees as investments.

Such an approach helps ensure that HR practices and principles are clearly coordinated with the organization’s overall business strategy.

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