Grant writing as a career freelance

Independent or a Freelance Paralegal Legally, there is no difference between an Independent Paralegal and a Freelance Paralegal, as the laws governing the Paralegal, or Legal Assistant, profession make no distinction between job titles, and treat all non-attorney paralegals the same. However, those in the legal profession use the two terms to describe two very different jobs. Independent paralegals help their clients save money on legal document preparation when they already know what they want and simply need someone experienced with the Courts and filing pleadings to help them locate the correct forms, fill them out properly, and follow the right procedure for filing or recording the documents. Independent paralegals may prepare bankruptcy petitions, uncontested divorce forms, powers of attorney, deeds, or estate planning and probate documents.

Grant writing as a career freelance

Email address does not match! Please try logging in again using a different email address. Close A seed-stage startup found an expert geneticist to vet their scientific content Alex Thompson, CEO Fact checking and editing The Problem The Co-Founder of a small, seed-stage personalized genomics startup was looking for some urgent help with reviewing their genomics research.

They wanted the expert to fact-check and edit about 45 short, reader-friendly paragraphs on different genes and SNPs. How Kolabtree helped The client posted her project on Kolabtree, and within a few hours, she received a bid from an expert geneticist who was not only excited to work on the project but also offered to continue working on more such projects for a fixed fee.

She immediately accepted the bid and proceeded to share project details. The expert edited and sent across the edited gene descriptions within four days! The client spent the next few days reviewing the work and was extremely happy with the output.

She has wide knowledge of mammalian cellular and molecular biology and is familiar with a variety of experimental approaches and statistical techniques. She also has a large amount of scientific writing and editing experience!

Kolabtree has been great and I will definitely be using your services again. He was keen on analyzing information available across various sources to be able to better formulate their marketing strategy. How Kolabtree helped The client received five proposals for his project from experts based in different countries.

After looking through all proposals, he was able to shortlist an expert with sound credentials to work on his project within his budget and deadline.

grant writing as a career freelance

Jiby ensured that he analyzed all data available across various sources to be able to prepare a comprehensive report. He regularly interacted with the client and submitted his report much in advance. About the expert Dr.

He has been doing research on the various aspects of biomass conversion to biofuels and biomaterials. He was quite keen on working on this project and his enthusiasm was evident all throughout. Our experience with Kolabtree was fantastic!

The communication throughout the project was brilliant and engaging. A professor gets assistance with his research Assistant Professor assistance with sourcing and analyzing data The Problem A senior professor was looking for some assistance with analyzing some data on real microgrids to create a list of Real Microgrids in Scandiniavian and Eastern Europe.

He wanted the expert to source data from various portals and analyze the data provided to him separately. How Kolabtree helped The client received two proposals in no time and immediately began conversations with one of them to ensure that he set the right expectations.

Jamie the expert was able to populate the required dataset within a few days and provided some more information to provide the required information to the client.

In addition, Jamie analyzed the data provided by the professor to complete the project to his satisfaction. He has a broad neuroscience background, with focused training in behavior genetics relevant to the study of schizophrenia spectrum disorders.

Result The client was happy with the output provided by the expert and was delighted by the additional information provided. The client was so satisfied that he returned with another small project within weeks of completing this project.Education and Certification. While only the state of California imposes educational requirements on freelance paralegals, most have obtained Associate or Bachelor degrees in Paralegal .

Hire freelance scientists and researchers at Kolabtree. Search over + research freelancers and PhDs - Post your project for free. Mar 09,  · To give you a ballpark figure, freelance grant-proposal writers generally charge between $60 and $ per hour, says Gail Vertz, executive director of the American Association of Grant Professionals, in Kansas City, Rebecca Gardyn.

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grant writing as a career freelance

People seek to change careers for many different reasons. Your career goals or values may have changed; you may have discovered new interests that you would like to incorporate into your job, you may wish to make more money, or have more flexible hours, just to .

I am a veteran news journalist, currently studying for my MPH degree and aiming to make a career change. I don't expect to become a full-time grant writer, but I feel grant writing .

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