Growth of internet business

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Growth of internet business

In fact, the number of stores encompassed by the Top 25 Retailers list grew by more than units over the past 12 months, which represents a 10 percent increase since the last edition of the list was compiled in early Clearly, expansion among these chains is an accelerating trend.

Not surprisingly, PetSmart and Petco —No. However, for the first time since Pet Business began tracking the Top 25 Retailers, neither of the big-box chains was responsible for adding the most stores to the list.

That distinction belongs to Markham, Ont. That rate of expansion is just one of the reasons turned out to be a big year for Pet Valu, though. In July, the company made headlines when it merged with Sunrise, Fla.

Helmed by president and CEO Thomas McNeely, who has served as CEO of Pet Valu sincethe combination enables both retailers to share infrastructure, resources and best practices while continuing to operate as separate brands. The addition of an established pet store chain—especially one as successful as Scottsdale, Ariz.

To delve a bit deeper, Pet Business reached out to executives from five of the companies on the Top 25 list. What we uncovered were stories that were indicative of a thriving class of retailers. An Omni-Channel Approach After it reportedly considered and ultimately decided against an acquisition of Petco in latePetSmart spent the past year growing organically with new store openings, eventually reaching the 1,store milestone in November.

The company has also been hard at work in diversifying its approach to retail by introducing new brick-and-mortar store concepts and revamping its e-commerce strategy. The model even includes a coffee bar and lounge where pet owners can relax while they wait for their four-legged friends to be groomed.

On the e-commerce front, PetSmart has refined its approach with the re-launch of its website, the development of mobile apps and the continued expansion of subscription and same-day delivery services.

With each of these initiatives, the company is trying to help make the shopping experience more convenient than ever for customers.


That means offering a range of options from shopping our continually expanding stores to shopping and engaging with us via smartphones, tablets and desktops. Today, the Senafes operate 61 stores under the umbrella of Pet Stuff America. According to Senafe, that creates the potential for synergy between the brands.

The company continues to see overwhelming interest among smaller pet store operators looking to come into the fold. In fact, Senafe says that for every acquisition that has been made, about seven others offers have been turned down. Since then, it has continued its steady expansion, moving into new markets such as Texas, Southern California and Colorado.

Today, the chain stands at 37 stores, but that number will jump to 42 stores in earlyas the company converts the five Wylie Wagg stores it acquired in Northern Virginia and Washington, D.

This time, according to founder and CEO Brad Kriser, the opportunity to enter yet another new market by bringing an already strong retail operation into the fold was simply too good to pass up.

The management and staff did such a great job building the business, it just made sense for us to do the acquisition. With the right resources in place, Kriser says the biggest challenge the chain has experienced in expanding into new markets has been creating brand recognition.

Growth of internet business

While he admits that the process of turning Mud Bay into an ESOP company took longer and was more complicated than expected, Wulff says that it is a move that is already paying off. It is contributing to a strong culture, as well as making Mud Bay jobs better jobs.

Part of that planning includes building the capacity to offer home-delivery services, a component that Wulff says will be instrumental in a changing marketplace.

Retailers will disappoint those expectations at their own peril.To stay ahead of the game or to grow your online business, you need to benchmark against the latest growth rates, both for overall business in a category for specific devices and then implement marketing strategies and tactics that work to achieve business goals.

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PBN Hunter, Long Tail Alert, Link Monitor and many more. Market America sign in page. Please enter your rep id or email and your password to log in. Exponential Growth The latest edition of Pet Business’ Top 25 Retailers list reveals the staggering rate at which the pet specialty channel’s premier chains are expanding.

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