Hospitality studies hotels going green

What could they do and what would be the advantages and disadvantages of doing so give some examples? The effects of global warming continue generating intense debate among businesses that see it as a major threat to their operations. In this regard the global community is seeking partnerships with governments and other stakeholders to formulate policy guidelines that will act as means of ensuring that they adopt green technology in their operations to counter this threat.

Hospitality studies hotels going green

Travel by its nature, and particularly air travel, raises some conflicting questions around environmental sustainability. In fact many consumers who choose to fly today may want to assuage their conscience by staying in an environmentally friendly hotel.

Aside from being good for the environment, sustainable businesses can lead to good PR but can also have bottom line benefits. A sustainable business creates its own PR In recent years, a raft of awards such as the AA Hospitality Awards, the European Sustainability Achievement Awards and the Green Hospitality Awards and accreditations like ISO have sprung up that can help travel brands to prove their environmental credentials.

In fact, every major hospitality award ceremony has a category dedicated to commending environmental awareness in the hotel business. However, a word of warning — be careful to do more than pay lip service to being green or it will backfire. At they same time they reduced carbon emissions by 46, kg per year.

Meanwhile, estimates from the Accor group, which has had a long-standing commitment to sustainability, say that to date the group has funded the planting of 3 million trees thanks to the laundry savings generated by their Plant 21 programme.

But it has also benefited from savings from reduced water and energy use. According to Burke their green programme has led to a consequential reduction in operating costs at both hotels and in doing so has enabled them to offer the best possible value to locals and tourists.

Being environmentally aware forges a link between you and your clients So says the Accor Group. That means that in the future, when all businesses will be expected to run on an environmentally sustainable model, Accor will be ahead of the curve; any expense with switching to a more eco-friendly system will have been absorbed already and local supply connections established.How Hospitality is Going Green.

How Hospitality is Going Green.

Hospitality studies hotels going green

Dec. ” a certification program that sets targets and performance standards based on the Agenda 21 principles was created.

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iv Hotels receive this “Green Globe” designation by addressing major environmental issues in key areas Hospitality Going Green. Global. Go Green Hotels: Green Ideas for Hotels and Resorts This page lists sustainable ideas for green hotels and resorts.

Eco hotels can keep up to date on green lodging news at Green Lodging News, Green Hotelier and Green Biz Tourism & Hospitality.

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Hotels Going Green Essay Concerns to the environment are evident in the ecologically conscious marketplace in recent studies (Laroche, Bergeron, & Barbaro-Forleo).

One study found that raised environmental consciousness is a reality and change of attitude may indirectly lead to increased market share options (D’Souza, Taghian, Lamb.

PULLMAN, Wash. – Chain hotels are doing a better job of going green than their independent competitors, according to a new analysis by Washington State University researchers.

The study, which started as an undergraduate honors project, found chain hotels are more likely to use energy efficient. Going Green Saves the Green in the Hospitality Industry and Guests Like It His recent study, “Perceptions of Green Hotels in the 21st Century” has earned him the Resort and Commercial.

Nov 14,  · More hotels are going green, and not just to save water or money up from 11% in , according to a new study by the Global Business Travel Assn., the trade group for the world's business.

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