Internship report of a fine dining restaurant for mba finance management

I would like to express my gratitude to Ace Institute of Management and Pokhara University for including internship program as a three credit course which has provided an opportunity to gain practical working experience in the organization. My sincere gratitude to Mr. I am thankful to Mrs.

Internship report of a fine dining restaurant for mba finance management

Write a report on "Working in Restaurant And Bar". Introduction The Empire tavern is a renowned bar and restaurant geographically located in the heart of the Auckland city in New Zealand.

It is well-known for its garden bars and also one of the leading entertainment venues of Auckland.

Internship report of a fine dining restaurant for mba finance management

This building is an ideal venue for different sorts of functions. The restaurant was constructed in the year and it is a replica of fine Victorian architectural gem.

Since the year the restaurant was purchased and sold by many owners and in the present it is owned by the Kiwi couple.

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A SOP aids in preserving the quality and also the consistency of the performance, service and standards of a hotel Kim et al. The designing of a SOP is an integral part of a flourishing quality management system as it helps the employees with specific job information to perform the duties properly.

It is a necessity that all the new employees of the hotel or restaurant should be provided training on the SOP of the organization. Since, these workers are involved in the direct interaction with the customers, their manners and performance replicates the success of the organization significantly.

This would help to make difference in customer service and their satisfaction by noting the strengths and weakness of the SOP. Addition to this a review of the SOP would also aid in understanding of the impact on employees confidence and motivation.

Therefore, with the help of the SOP, it could be determined if and how would SOP bring about positive change in the service and help workers of the organization to achieve adequate knowledge to perform their roles to their most potential. Information Collection Methods This research has been conducted on the basis of a method of descriptive research.

This research method was pre-planned and it had assisted to utilize the information from the target population by analyzing their behavior, attitude and opinion. The participants of this research were given the surety that their personal information will be kept confidential in every possible way.

The collection of data was carried out at the Empire Tavern and was performed through Questionnaires, Interviews and personal observations. In this research, personal observation was one of the key elements, because it helped to utilize the information in terms of the experiences.

With the help of the personal experiences, the conduction of interviews and preparation of questionnaires was easily done. In this research, the conduction of interviews was carried out in detail by involving 5 employees of Empire Tavern. The interviews were given by the managerial level personnel, old employees and the new employees.

The researcher acted as a mediator had driven and kept the interview on track towards answering the questions of research. The researcher was able to collect adequate information and in-detail in formation by interviewing the different levels in hierarchy.

In the process of interview, the individuals were asked regarding their experiences with respect to the process and services of Empire Tavern, the environment of working and the services provided by it. In this research, the preparation of the questionnaire had an aim to answer the research question.

It was short and will easy to understand by all the staff members of Empire Tavern. The questions were prepared with the help of the collected information from review of literature as well as observations.

The respondents associated with research were re instructed to answer the questions according to their own will.

The questionnaire comprised of the following questions: What is their current position at Empire Tavern? In which department do they work? For how many years, they have been working in Empire Tavern? How are they satisfied overall by working in Empire Tavern? What is the best thing about working in Empire Tavern?

What is their overall working experience in Empire Tavern? How much they are satisfied in working in their assigned departments? What things are affecting in achieving satisfaction in job? How do their senior officials and managers treat them? What all things the department should do to make it a better place to work?

To what extent they will recommend other individuals to work in Empire Tavern? This questionnaire have been given to the managerial level personnel, old employees and the new employees and it will enable to collect information regarding their viewpoints as well as experiences of working in Empire Tavern.

It will provide an overall view of the employees towards the question of research. In this research, the personal information of the participants will not be informed to anyone because it will be unethical to disclose their information to any other individual.

Discussion By observing the results of the questionnaires, interviews and personal observations, the researcher can infer that the new front house employees of Empire Tavern are not satisfied with respect to their job to much of an extent. They have focused on some of the things that need to be change in the standard operating procedure SOP of Empire Tavern.Internship Report on Radisson Hotel Kathmandu - HR Department Internship Report On Human Resource Department Of Radisson Hotel Kathmandu Submitted By: Jackson Subedi PU Registration No.: Submitted To: Ace Institute of Management Pokhara University Submitted for the partial fulfillment of degree of Master of Business.

After all the forms were filled up, they were taken to the Finance Department for Jackson Subedi Page 12 Internship Report MBAe, VII Term, AIM verification. The Finance Officer checked all the validity of the employee data and signed the forms. Summer Internship Report: jaypee Hotels. Uploaded by Tanvi Singh.

Related Interests. Bar; AND COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF JAYPEE HOTELS” has been successfully carried out by Ms. Tanvi Singh in fulfillment of Master of Business Administration under my guidance during the academic year the new fine-dining restaurant at 5/5(1).

He treated Denise to fine dining at the Harvest Moon restaurant in Columbia – a steep investment for a college student – but Andy was fortunate.

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He was an accountancy student at Mizzou and his advisor, Ray Dockweiler, had helped him land a paid internship with Jim Antonio, assistant state auditor.

RADHIKA Restaurant MBA Project Report Prince Dudhatra. Entrepreneurship Project Report. Project Report. Fine Dining Restaurant (North Indian/South Indian) Name: XXXXXXXX Documents Similar To restaurant project report.

Restaurant Project Report. Uploaded by. Ca Kaushik Kansara.3/5(15). The credit Food Service program includes courses in basic cookery, hospitality purchasing, restaurant management, nutrition, menu planning, and catering management.

finance and revenue management, tourism destination development, technology for the industry, operations analysis, and strategic management. Along with the MBA and the MS.

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