Introduction to online hotel reservation system

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Introduction to online hotel reservation system

In the s, American Airlines was facing a serious challenge in its ability to quickly handle airline reservations in an era that witnessed high growth in passenger volumes in the airline industry. Before the introduction of SABRE, the airline's system for booking flights was entirely manual, having developed from the techniques originally developed at its Little Rock, Arkansas reservations center in the s.

In this manual system, a team of eight operators would sort through a rotating file with cards for every flight. When a seat was booked, the operators would place a mark on the side of the card, and knew visually whether it was full.

Introduction to online hotel reservation system

This part of the process was not all that slow, at least when there were not that many planes, but the entire end-to-end task of looking for a flight, reserving a seat and then writing up the ticket could take up to three hours in some cases, and 90 minutes on average.

The system also had limited room to scale.


It was limited to about eight operators because that was the maximum that could fit around the file, so in order to handle more queries the only solution was to add more layers of hierarchy to filter down requests into batches. This computer consisted of a single magnetic drumeach memory location holding the number of seats left on a particular flight.

Using this system, a large number of operators could look up information simultaneously, so the ticket agents could be told over the phone whether a seat was available. On the downside, a staff member was still needed at each end of the phone line, and actually handling the ticket still took considerable effort and filing.

Introduction to Online Hotel Reservation System | Essay Example

Something much more highly automated was needed if American Airlines was going to enter the jet agebooking many times more seats. SAGE used a series of large computers to coordinate the message flow from radar sites to interceptorsdramatically reducing the time needed to direct an attack on an incoming bomber.

The system used teleprinter machines located all around the world to feed information into the system, which then sent orders back out to teleprinters located at the fighter bases. It was one of the first online systems. Teleprinters would be placed at American Airlines' ticketing offices to send in requests and receive responses directly, without the need for anyone on the other end of the phone.

The number of available seats on the aircraft could be tracked automatically, and if a seat was available the ticket agent could be notified instantly. Booking simply took one more command, updating the availability and even printing out the ticket for them.

The system was a success. Max Hopper joined American Airlines in as director of Sabre, and pioneered its use. American and Sabre separated on March 15, The corporation introduced the new logo and changed from the all-caps acronym "SABRE" to the mixed-case "Sabre Holdings", when the new corporation was formed.

The Travelocity website, introduced inwas owned by Sabre Holdings. Travelocity was acquired by Expedia in January The system connects more than 57, travel agents and millions of travelers with more than airlines, 90, hotels, 30 car-rental companies, tour operators, and dozens of railways, ferries and cruise lines.

Controversy[ edit ] A study [10] by American Airlines found that travel agents selected the flight appearing on the first line more than half the time. Ninety-two percent of the time, the selected flight was on the first screen. This provided a huge incentive for American to manipulate its ranking formula, or even corrupt the search algorithm outright, to favor American flights.

At first this was limited to juggling the relative importance of factors such as the length of the flight, how close the actual departure time was to the desired time, and whether the flight had a connection, but with each success American became bolder.

Before long, the new flights suddenly started appearing at the bottom of the screen. On one occasion, Sabre deliberately withheld Continental 's discount fares on 49 routes where American competed. Congress investigated these practices and in Bob Crandallpresident of American, was the most vocal supporter of the systems.

Unimpressed, in the United States government outlawed screen bias.

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The same was true of United and its Apollo system. By then, none of the major distribution systems was majority owned by the airlines. American brought High Court action which alleged that after the arrival of Sabre on its doorstep British Airways immediately offered financial incentives to travel agents who continued to use Travicom and would tie any override commissions to it.

British Airways eventually bought out the stakes in Travicom held by Videcom and British Caledonianto become the sole owner. Department of Transportation and the British Monopolies Commission, British Airways defended the use of Travicom as a truly non-discriminatory system in flight selection because an agent had access to some 50 carriers worldwide, including Sabre, for flight information.We speak fluent English.

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Introduction for hotel reservation system Essay A computer reservations system or central reservation system[1] (CRS) is a computerized system used to store and retrieve information and conduct transactions related to air travel, hotels, car rental, or activities.

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