Maternity rotation things to know list

Your 37 pieces should include: For example, I knew I wanted 9 pairs of shoes, 9 bottoms, and 15 tops. To me it feels generous yet minimal.

Maternity rotation things to know list

When to Buy Maternity Clothes

Learn Your Company's Policy Get a copy of your company's employee benefits handbook to learn what your company's policy on maternity leave is.

If, like many women, you're not comfortable telling anyone about your pregnancy until your first trimester is through, just reading the information is a helpful start.

Don't expect that all your questions will be answered by the handbook as many details live in different places e. You can always ask HR about anything you don't understand or that isn't written into the policy later, once you've decided to share the news.

We hope they'll be pleasantly surprised that you were so forward-thinking and we've written an article with tips about how to tell your boss you're pregnant. Discuss Your Plan Ideas with Your Boss Set up a meeting to discuss your plan with your boss at a good time for them i.

Write Your Maternity Leave Plan Create a written maternity leave plan you are comfortable handing over and leaving with your manager.

This is a large project in-itself that should cover what communication if any you plan on keeping with the office while you're out, and also whether you think your manager will need to hire any temporary replacements for you.

We've written a summary of what your maternity leave plan should entail and how to create a maternity leave plan to help you cover all your bases. Decide if You Want to Negotiate Decide whether you are going to try to negotiate for a longer maternity leave or more pay before you have the meeting with your manager.

When to Pack a Hospital Bag

Prepare for Any Negotiations Prepare yourself for the maternity leave negotiation by doing your research, having some concrete proposals and rationales and by sizing up the process at your company. We've written an article about how to negotiate your maternity leave.

Update Your Plan as Necessary If you are successful in negotiating additional leave, make sure you update your written maternity leave plan to account for extra time off if applicable. Get All Changes and Approvals in Writing If your manager has approved an out-of-policy maternity leave arrangement, make sure you get this approval in writing its better to be safe and paranoid, than sorry.

Create a Shareable Version of Your Plan Once you and your managers have agreed on your maternity leave plan, create a version of the plan to share with the people you manage if any.

This document will help you stay organized when you check-in with them either during or after your maternity leave. Discuss Your Plan with Your Direct Reports Set up individual meetings with your direct reports before your maternity leave begins to discuss your expectations and clarify any concerns or issues they may anticipate.

Be explicit that you expect your team to prepare so that you aren't dealing with last-minute issues as your due date approaches. For example, you may need to fill out a vacation request if you are using those days to supplement your maternity leave.

Share Any Necessary Forms Make photocopies of all completed forms, and send them to the appropriate people e. Follow up to confirm that the forms were received. This is especially important for any benefits that require a form to be processed. You don't want to be in a situation where you are chasing down administrators for paychecks at insurance companies because there was a technical glitch in your ST disability form.

Learn about how and when you should add your new baby to your health care plan, assuming your healthcare plan covers dependents.

Many healthcare policies give you a day window to add dependents and it may be difficult to do after this period. You may have to budget for an increase in healthcare premiums when you add a dependent to your plan. Find Out About Your Vacation Time Find out whether your vacation time and seniority will continue to accrue while you're out on maternity leave.This is a list of Korean inventions and Koreans have made contributions across a number of scientific and technological domains.

Maternity rotation things to know list

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You know what you’ll likely need, but figuring out what to pack in a hospital bag for baby can be a little less intuitive. Here’s the good news: When you’re just starting out in life, you don’t need all that much. Ready to try a capsule wardrobe? Here’s my approach: Rule #1: Pare down your current clothes situation into a happy little 37 piece capsule wardrobe.

Your 37 pieces should include: tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, and shoes. Your 37 pieces should not include: workout clothes, jewelry.

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