My father as my role model

If we start talking about his appearance, it is important to mention that the way he moves and acts reflects his personality a lot. He prefers fast walking to the calm one.

My father as my role model

I am a memory hoarder. Memories have a huge part to play in my life because my story has shaped me to be who I am today.

Interestingly enough, my childhood memories are fainter than most. Who has always been my moral compass, and who continues to be my guiding hand.

I refused to go to pre-school because of some strange phobia of being trapped in the prison-like walls of my very cheerful kindergarten and I would cry.

My role model– My father

Not a sniffle, not quiet rolling-down-cheeks tears, but large lungfuls of gasping cries that would reverberate said prison-like-walls. This would trigger off my fellow schoolmates, and soon, my class would be a cacophony of wails.

Needless to say, my teacher did not like me very much. So what would my Daddy-O do? For a good amount of time, five days a week. My mum and he would take turns because in between making sure that I stayed in class and stopped being a pest, they had to earn a living to support the family.

This had to change. Henceforth, my Daddy-O began to work his magic. He began to teach me what respect was all about. By respecting me, and listening to what I had to say. He reassured my five-year-old self that my feelings mattered, and were to be respected. That was the first of the many lessons that I gained from my Daddy-O.

The meaning of Respect. The importance of being treated like an equal. The power of listening to another human being. Lessons that continue to remain at the forefront of my life till today.

To cut a long story short, conversation by conversation, my behaviour began to change. My attitude towards school shifted, I slowly stopped crying and started enjoying school.

My father as my role model

And here I am, many years later, sharing this with you. My father was the first man that featured prominently in my existence.

He has never made me feel that my gender was ever a reason for me not to have larger-than-life dreams, or that I was in any way inferior to men. Something that, as a young girl, one easily forgets when involved with the matters of the heart. My mum has never tried to come in between my relationship with my Daddy-O.

Our mothers remain at the forefront of our families — the poster-ladies of love, warmth and nurturing, and rightfully so. As my mother is the lighthouse of the family, my father is my safe harbour. He is the person I return to when every day life gets too overwhelming to handle.

To know that my feelings are being carefully collected and stored in a heart that is much bigger than mine. Quite like my five-year-old self, really. Thank you for being you, and thank you for being a constant reminder on how to be a better person.

Much love from a daughter. Links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to masalamommas.Find My Role Model; Back to keys to success Find My Role Model. Father of Modern Cardiovascular Surgery, Inducted in entrepreneur business. ambitious analytical curious extroverted resourceful start-a-business.

Michael S. Dell. Founder and Chairman, Dell Inc. Inducted in Jun 13,  · My mother is my role model My mother is the person who has the most impact in my life, and she made me a better person.

My mother has many good qualities and values, and being a strong woman, supportive, and spiritual are the most important description of her Casa. In conclusion, my father is a great role model.

My father has also taught me that in addition to good values, it’s important to clean up the house every day. No one is perfect, but that’s his downfall. Sep 04,  · Without insufficiently stating her impact and influence on the person I am and aspire to become, I must say my mother is the only role model I’ve ever had.

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Often times, black youths, or for that matter any youths in disadvantaged or low-income environments, lack true role models. My Father, My Role Model: In , father fell ill and was admitted in the Hamidia hospital.

During this period, I was selected in the All India schools hockey team. The coach of the team was the famous hockey player Roop Singh, who played with my father in the Olympics in Berlin. When Roop Singh visited my father in hospital and praised.

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