Nabby adams breast cancer summary

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Nabby adams breast cancer summary

But the book also demonstrates that domestic dramas-from unplanned pregnancies to untimely deaths-could be just as heartbreaking, significant, and inspiring as the actions of statesmen and soldiers. A special focus of the book is Adams's complex relationships: At the same time that John exhibited his own diplomatic skills on a better-known canvas, Abigail struggled to prevent the charitable gifts she gave her sisters from coming between them.

In a departure from the persistently upbeat tone of most Adams biographies, Holton's work shows how frequently her life was marred by tragedy, making this the deepest, most humanistic portrayal ever published.

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Using the matchless trove of Adams family manuscripts, the author steps back to allow Abigail to respond to her many losses in her own words. Holton reveals that Abigail Adams sharply disagreed with her Nabby adams breast cancer summary financial decisions and assumed control of the family's money herself-earning them a tidy fortune through her shrewd speculations this during a time when married women were not permitted to own property.

And he shows that her commitment to women's equality and education was intense and explicitly expressed and practical, from the more than two thousand letters she wrote over her lifetime to her final will written in defiance of legislation prohibiting married women from bequeathing property.

Alternately witty, poignant, and uplifting, Holton's narrative sheds new light on one of America's best-loved but least-understood icons. Customer Book Reviews Holton does justice to Abigail's life story By Bookreporter on Nov 16, Abigail Adams is perhaps best remembered for requesting that her husband, the not-yet-president John Adams, "remember the ladies" as he helped forge a new government in This famous private letter has turned Adams into a feminist icon, and while here she may have been specifically referring to domestic violence, in other letters she expressed what is often seen as a progressive, enlightened view that women should be equally educated with men and allowed to engage in business and control their own finances.

This aspect of Adams's biography is well-known. But less so are her conflicted ideas on religion, African-Americans, money making, Europe, politics and family. Abigail Smith was born in Weymouth, Massachusetts inthe daughter of a parson.

She was raised by her overprotective parents but spent a lot of time with her more affectionate maternal grandmother. Along with her brother and two sisters, she had a typical childhood.

Nabby adams breast cancer summary

She was atypical, though, in the sense that she yearned for an education forbidden to her, one of science and critical thinking in addition to literature and language. She managed to find ways to more fully educate herself through the study of languages and by reading whatever she could get her hands on.

Nabby adams breast cancer summary

Just before her 20th birthday, she married John Adams, a lawyer family friend nine years her senior. Though one would expect her concern with education and worldly topics to end at that point, she remained true to her belief that girls should be educated as boys are and that women possess intelligence, reason and dignity.

However, as Holton shows, Adams was not a feminist by today's standards. Her ideas of gender were complicated; she asserted that education and business opportunities were important to girls and women, but also believed that propriety, decorum and fashion were important as well.

Her own business dealings were often done behind her husband's back, and at times those dealings verged on illegal. She was usually less than generous about African-Americans and foreigners or immigrants in her private letters, though she was always charitable and mostly kind.

It is the contradictions that make Adams so fascinating and Holton's book so interesting.

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This is not a romantic or idealized view of this American icon, but an honest, refreshing exploration of a remarkable woman who at once personified and challenged the perceptions of women of her time and embodied many of the changing mores and deeply rooted beliefs of the foundering generation of the United States.

Adams's tale gets all the more rich as she finds herself moving up in the political world. She spends years in Europe as the wife of a diplomat and comes home to be the wife of the first vice president and second president of the new nation.

But while the politics and history are important, it is as a wife, sister, daughter, friend, mother and thinker that Adams is most compelling.Nabby Adams Smith (), daughter of John and Abigail Adams, was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of Of course, she had none of the advantages we now have to help her fight the disease.

In Recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month this post recounts the experience of Abigail Adams Smith with breast cancer. Nabby, as she was called (featured in the last post), developed a tumor in her breast at the age of Nabby Adams Smith was the eldest child and only surviving daughter of John and Abigail Adams and the sister of John Quincy Adams.

She married William Stephens Smith in London on June 12, while her parents were in residence there but the marriage was not a happy one. Jun 02,  · Oral, head and neck cancer is a broad term that describes many different cancers that start in the head and neck.

Most oral, head and neck cancers begin in the cells that make up the moist tissues (mucosal surfaces) of the mouth, nose and throat. It was Mrs. Adams who sent word to Mercy on Sept. 15, that her daughter, Nabby, had died of breast cancer a month earlier. Adams' opening salutation in this letter likely refers to condolences sent by Warren, and suggests that Nabby's death prompted an invitation to visit her: "I am very much obliged to you for your civilities to my wife.

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Nabby Smith, born Nabby Adams was the Daughter of John and Abigail Adams. John became the second President of the United States, and Nabby's younger brother John Quincy was destined to be president someday also. Breast Cancer: Risk Factors, Detection & Treatment Among all American women who die when they are between .

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