The dark side of customer analytics marketing essay

This process is one of the most overlooked processes by many companies. Once a company records the data, it tries to understand what they can do better or what they can fix if there are wrong practices. He has reviewed all the information, checked for trends that are repetitively occurring and used that knowledge for his business decisions.

The dark side of customer analytics marketing essay

Testiphonials You know not all testimonials are legit, right? Take this one for example, where a company pulled a quote from a ConversionXL article to get a fake testimonial from Peep: Testimonials, when authentic or perceived to be authentic, boost the credibility of your offer by engaging social proof.

Keep an eye out for that. False Scarcity False scarcity is a pretty common tactic in online marketing. Peep wrote about this a while agogiving the example of the following email he received: The email was referring to a digital course that, somehow, had sold out of monthly pay as you go levels, but still had yearly memberships available.

Funny how that works. Basically, the damning admission is designed to lower the guard of the consumer and make your offer seems more authentic and credible.

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Of course, this technique can be used either to shine a more perfect light on the truth to help people accept a true but exceptional claim that would usually be received with skepticismor to manipulate to trick people into accepting a false claim. The Power of Defaults The power of defaults?

Turns out, users almost always pick the top option even when the top 1 and 2 switch places. This leads to the idea that users overwhelmingly choose the default option in online decision making.

Of course, many companies exploit this. An example of this online comes from none other than RyanAir via darkpatterns. What they may not realize is that there is a pre-checked box at the bottom of the page in fine print or buried in the terms and conditions that authorizes future charges.

Consumers are required to un-click or opt-out of a pre-checked terms and conditions or payment authorization box or cancel before the end of the trial period to avoid being billed a recurring monthly charge. Cancelling can also be complicated by merchants with poor customer service, slow response times, and untimely refunds.

First, by removing physical cash from the equation, they remove many barriers to tipping. Also, leaving a tip on the digital system is easy — equally as easy as it is not to tip.

The dark side of customer analytics marketing essay

This additional step makes all the difference to those who may have previously avoided taking care of their server. Nir Eyal gave an example of his taxi ride to explain this: Picking the middle-of-the-road option is in-line with your self-image of not being a tightwad.

The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission reported tips increased from 10 percent to 22 percent on average when the new payment screens were turned on. What, then, do we do about it? A common answer might very well be: They will be quickly exposed and, with consumer voices amplified by social media, cause far more damage to the business than any short-term benefit.ShopSense.

by selling data of its consumers to IFA an insurance Shah (AM ) Executive Summary: The case “The Dark Side of Customer Analytics” is about two companies ShopSense and IFA starting a new venture to 5/5(1).

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This is the end of the preview. Sign up to access the rest of the document. Unformatted text preview: The Dark Side of Customer Analytics Summary • Collec&ng data on customers • Using the informa&on to sell insurance Problem Analysis • • • • ShopSense gathering informa %(10).

Customer analytics refers to the processes and technologies that give organizations the customer insight necessary to deliver offers that are anticipated, relevant and timely.

As the backbone for all marketing activities, customer analytics comprises techniques such as predictive modeling, data.

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Laura nodded in agreement, silently cheering on the insurance harvard business review • may T he Dark Side of Customer Analytics •• •H BR C A SE S T UDY company’s uberanalyst. Archie had been invaluable in guiding the pilot project.

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Curley, Jingjing Zhang, and Sam Ransbotham.

The dark side of customer analytics marketing essay
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