The doctor reflection

Final Week W5 Reflection: The interesting thing about the culture of biomedicine is that it helps reassure that the no matter were the patient is their wellbeing is looked out for and taken care of. When you add culture into the mix, we can find that in most institutions there is efficient when delivering the best healthcare, with minimal complications.

The doctor reflection

A life was saved. And I was there and involved and there to bear witness to it all. No, it wasn't in that sexy or thrilling way.

You know, like the kind where someone tears into the room and dives upon your chest for compressions in a single bound. It was nothing like the ones they recreate for melodramatic television dramas with people running beside fast-rolling gurneys steadying wayward IV poles and charging up defibrillator paddles at the same time.

And I know it was because I was there and have been doing this for a while now. Sometimes we miss it. Those moments like this one.

The ones where just one tiny shift in the path does something game-changing. A teeny, tiny nudge toward a seemingly insignificant fork in the road that moves the patient inches away from a giant cliff.

Or maybe not a cliff because those are big and obviously treacherous. More like a slow, downhill trainwreck. See, a student listened to you and then shared your story on rounds.

Described what you said in detail and all that had been done.

And the way he honored your truth helped me to make sense of your perspective but simultaneously recognize that some aspects of our direction didn't make sense at all. And so, I asked one question. Which led to another question. That became a discussion with the whole team. Does it make sense to y'all?

And yes, I said "y'all" because I think easy and calm learning and working climates help us think easier and take better care of patients like you. Or not even just like you. Like any patient who comes before us. So that student wrinkled his nose and thought about it.

About Millennial Doctor - Reflections of a Millennial Doctor

And so did my resident and my interns, too. And, though I could not see myself, I am certain that I did the same. Because it didn't make sense. The path we were on and that you'd been on for months and months did not. We came up with a plan. To bring in a consultant to look at some aspects of your case.

The parts that weren't readily explainable by the standard pathophysiology of your working diagnosis. It was a game-changer.

And, I think, it saved your life. No, not in the fireworks and confetti way. And I thought about it the whole way home. I thought of you and the story you told and the student who listened and the socioeconomic challenges that you face. I reflected on the barriers all around your care that day and how God let this tiny ray of light slip in.

And how all of it working together saved your life. I thought about that for my whole drive.Amelia Pond, commonly known as Amy Pond, is a fictional character portrayed by Karen Gillan in the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor is a companion of the series protagonist the Doctor, in his eleventh incarnation, played by Matt appears in the programme from the fifth series () to midway through the seventh series ().

Writing an “About Me” section on someone who’s trying to stay somewhat anonymous is a little ironic, but thank you for coming! Reading my blog requires some faith that I am actually a millennial doctor, but anonymity is what allows me to be real and genuine.

As a vote of confidence, I have been vetted Continue reading About Millennial Doctor.

The doctor reflection

Aug 12,  · Dr. Richard Wesley is emblematic of the unexpected demographics of patients who have taken advantage of state laws allowing terminally ill patients to .

The case of a junior doctor’s written reflection being used against them in court has worried many trainees, says Daniel Furmedge Postgraduate trainees in London recently received a disquieting letter—signed by four postgraduate deans from Health Education .

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