The manatee should be protected

Save the Manatee Club What is the problem?

The manatee should be protected

Manatees set to lose endangered status The agency invited public comment last year after it proposed reclassifying the aquatic creatures, which weigh half a ton and range up to 13 feet long. Nearly 4, people weighed in.

The manatee should be protected

One comment captured the appeal of the endearing animal: But some believe reclassification is premature. The Florida manatee is a subspecies of West Indian manatee. The Endangered Species Act defines an endangered species as one currently in danger of extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its range.

A threatened species is one that is likely to become endangered within the foreseeable future. The designation came with federal restrictions on such things as boat speed and waterfront development that are credited with protecting the species and reversing its decline.

The agency said it will continue to lead efforts to increase the population and reduce threats.

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The arguments for and against The agency pointed to "significant improvements" in the manatee population and habitat conditions. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission submitted comments in favor of the reclassification.

The foundation has represented residents who formed the organization Save Crystal River. Martin said Save Crystal River is concerned the federal government "might adopt more and more restrictions that would be harmful to their community.

Tripp singled out coastal power plants. The state has underscored the importance of a warm-water habitat for manatees in Florida. Why it matters where manatees congregate The Save the Manatee Club said it is concerned about the concentration of manatees during the winter outside power plants, particularly in the northern part of the state.

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And, she said, during a cold snap there was higher mortality outside such facilities. McRae, with the state research institute, said there is no definitive data on such deaths.

He contends manatees "will experience cold kills if they cannot find this warm water. McRae said the state would continue its current program. Tripp, with the Save the Manatee Club, said her group is concerned that a downlisting may cause some officials and communities to be less willing to allocate funds for certain manatee protection.

What the public thinks The federal wildlife agency asked the public to speak up. A government website lists supporting documents and 3, comments sent in last year. A majority appear to oppose the reclassification. Christopher Burke, 9, pleaded for officials to keep the current status: But at the same time hopping you will not stop protecting them!

I LOVE manatees and got my best friend to love them too. The supply of seagrass, the principal diet of the manatee, is good, although there were some challenges in the eastern part of the state in Indian Lagoon, he said.

While the number of counted manatees increased, so, too, did their losses to boat-inflicted injuries. Of deaths last year, were attributed to boats, said McRae. Federal and state regulations, typically seasonal, target speeders in manatee zones and have a "positive impact," he said.

While manatee deaths typically fall in the upper s to lower s, were reported to have died in While the species are resilient when it comes to water quality fluctuations, toxic red tide has killed a large number of manatees in the past.

Such plans provide a framework for actions to protect a federally-listed species with the goal of helping the species become self-sustaining. McRae said new data and positive population changes should be reflected in an updated federal plan. Underwood, with the federal agency, said updating the West Indian manatee plan is one of many recovery tasks that will be undertaken.“The manatees’ future is an endangered species, please protect them!!!!” Angela Marquez from Westchester, Ill., told of seeing a manatee for the first time several years ago .

And lastly, Defenders is working to ensure that manatee critical habitat – that is, the habitat especially protected for manatees under the Endangered Species Act - will be revised to include most the important areas, such as warm water, travel corridors, and food sources.

And lastly, Defenders is working to ensure that manatee critical habitat – that is, the habitat especially protected for manatees under the Endangered Species Act - will be revised to include most the important areas, such .

Manatees are also often hit by motors from boats leaving gashes on their bodies and sometimes severing a flipper. manatees should be protected from the harmful events they cannot protect themselves from. Yahoo declining clarity of a jewel exploring lake tahoe Lifestyle is your the manatee should be protected source an analysis of the test taking industry as a multibillion dollar practice in .

Feb 21,  · In the next several weeks, the US Fish and Wildlife Service is expected to make public its final decision on whether to "downlist" the manatee from an endangered to a threatened species -- a.

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