Who i am as a learner education essay

This is a critical thinking skill that is needed by every student to enable them to become citizens who can participate in and contribute to our society.

Who i am as a learner education essay

If we examine the amount of material that is covered in Social Studies, Science, and Math exams, then the drive to memorize facts would leave even the more ambitious student disinterested and disengaged.

Then why should it be so surprising that the struggling reader or child who has little educational support fails at this national numbers game?

When students have no voice in their own learning and have little ownership of what they can investigate, then it stands to reason that the percentage of reluctant learners has grown substantially over the past two decades Lumsden, As noted in many studies, engagement and motivation are key elements for a reduction in dropout rates and increase student success.

Woods, ; Blank, ; Dev, So how are we to link content to what motivates and engages youngsters? By designing a program where every teacher is included in a team meeting each week during the school day, teams are self-selecting their own areas of study and are being trained to: At first, teachers may be leery of allowing students to have a voice in determining the project, or even the criteria for which they would be assessed.

However, when students are respected as life long learners and can suggest the criteria for assessment, they become thoughtful and responsible Stix, Negotiable Contracting The teacher first describes the assignment to the student.

This type of assignment is characterized by having flexibility in how students can utilize a workstation that has various reading levels and how the students can present the assignment to the class.

Discuss with students what type of behavior they think is necessary in order to make this assignment successful and how it will affect the results.

First privately, then cooperatively, and finally in whole group format, the students generate a list of the criteria that they feel would be most authentic to the task. Of course, the teacher may add additional criterion, if necessary. The class negotiates and pares down the list to four or five substantive items.

Finally, the teacher and students collectively decide which criterion would be weighted the most to the least and establish a system of assessing. This is called negotiable contracting Stix, Strategies that Motivate Quite often teachers find themselves in a rut, repeating the same type of active learning strategy.

The reluctant students may be enticed by lessons and strategies that provoke higher level thinking, and where students take ownership of their own work. Stale and boring work is quickly dissipated by engaging discussions, debates, deductive reasoning, dramatizations, and art integration.

To be competitive, our young people must be instilled with an enthusiasm for the work they do in their classrooms Lumsden,an eagerness to learn that is characterized by ardor and passion, the same traits and qualities they will take with them as adults to face the challenges of the workaday world and marketplace.

So, what exactly do they look like? These following are strategies that actively involve students, promoting self-interest and allowing them to select topics, where they perform or present before their classmates Stix, When students realize their presentations will be assessed by the teacher and their fellow students, based on negotiable contracting, the quality of their work increases substantially.

Debate and Discussion Strategies Lobbyist Hearing. Students sign up for 1 of 4 positions to be lobbyists. After conducting research, each group states its perspective when introduced at a public forum, followed by having each student offer a new idea emphasizing its position.

Students can offer graphs, photos, charts, paintings, and documents to amplify their position, bringing in differentiation. When all four groups have made their presentation, the panel votes and renders its decision. Students are offered a choice of four perspectives to hold an inner and outer ring discussion.

All groups do the necessary research to speak effectively.

Who i am as a learner education essay

The four groups hold a discussion, with one third of the members from each perspective sitting in the inner circle at a given time speaking to each other for 5 minutes.

Everyone has the opportunity to make their position known, utilizing photographs, charts, graphs, and assorted visuals.INTRODUCTION.

Private Eye Field Reports and Lesson Ideas

All the school mission statements that I have read address the goal of creating problem solvers. This is a critical thinking skill that is needed by every student to enable them to become citizens who can participate in and contribute to our society.

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Firstly I will explain Kolb´s theory which includes the experiential learning cycle and the four learner types. Learner Am I diseases.

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